William E. Callahan, Jr., MD  

1. Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy
2. Comprehensive Biological and Psychotherapy Treatment of individuals with schizophrenia and bipolar illnesses and their families
3. Couple/relationship therapy
4. Resolution of anxiety and major depressive disorder, often without need for medication treatment.
5. Resolution of problems with intimacy and closeness, and recurrent self defeating or self destructive patterns.
6. Sexual orientation issues.
7. Addiction treatment with suboxone.

Care Philosophy
Think clearer. Feel more. Fear less. TM
I want you to be your best, and all of us can make improvement in these vital areas. I will rapidly help you identify where the difficulties are that hold you back, and I offer a full range of therapy, medication, lifestyle, and relationship work so that we can resolve any difficulties you have in a rapid, integrated, and comprehensive way.